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Download Link Reset Policies


Hi there! If you've made a purchase through Trixie Scraps Designs, first let us say thank you!! Next, we want to encourage you to BACK UP your downloads!! This is extremely important for purchases from not only our store, but from many online stores.

Resetting a customer's order (or sending them new links from which they can download their products) is something we'd love to be able to do for anyone, in any cicrumstance, however... this is not always possible or practical. Due to the manpower and bandwidth costs we incur each time we handle an order reset request, we have established the following guidelines. Please feel free to file a help ticket if you would like to proceed with a reset request, or if you have further questions we can answer.

Recent Purchases:

If you used have placed an order from our store in the last 30 days and have exhausted all your download attempts without successfully downloading all your files, please fill out a new ticket. We will be happy to reset your download links so you may complete your purchase. Submit a new ticket here:


For Purchases Made within the last 31-90 Days:

We understand sometimes LIFE happens and you may not have taken the time to back up your most recent purchases. In these cases, we will offer a ONE TIME free download reset for you. After exhausting a one-time free reset, any future order resets will follow the guidelines below.


For Purchases OLDER than 90 Days:

We will reset your links to any product that is still currently available in our shop, however, there will be a 20% service charge, which must be paid via Paypal before the reset links will be made available to you. The 20% fee will be figured on the total amount you paid, at the time of purchase, for any product you require a download link reset. If the product you downloaded was free (or if you used a coupon to purchase the product for free), the 20% fee will be figured on the current retail price of the product in the store, at the time of your reset request. Please note, if a product is no longer available in our store, regretfully, we will NOT be able to reset links to that product.


Thanks, once again, for your patronnage - we appreciate your support!

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